When can we expect to see an Official Raspberry Pi 3 image?

So I explained 3 months ago how I was able to install nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi 3 device and I was under the impression that this was a target we were all aiming for.

So where is the progress update on an official deployment image? Do we have a time frame for this? Is it on the Roadmap still? Does not seem to be a whole lot of conversation happening around it.

Thoughts please?


@develroo i think some users released working images for the rpi3, but i think the only official image is inside the Nextcloud-Box. Im not sure if its available for download somewhere.

The one for the nextcloud-box is a RPi2 image alas. Won’t even boot on a RPi3. I found this out the hard way :wink: But that being said the installation of snappy core to a RPi3 was really easy and once I got over the inaccurate documentation it all worked flawlessly complete with an auto update to Nextcloud when it was broken. Very impressed by that.

The reason I am really asking is because the snap repo it is tied to seems stagnant and I cannot put my box on a tinc vpn because there are no snaps in the repo even though there are in snappy core normal builds. I am just guessing it is because no one is working on porting them.

I am just trying to kickstart a conversation to see exactly where we are with the nextcloud-box and where we are supposed to be heading.

Seems reasonable no?