What's the TOTP app to use for latest version of Nextcloud?

This guide is outdated: Two Factor Authentication in Nextcloud

and I’m trying to find the one for TOTP for the latest versions

These are the ones I have:

What app was I supposed to use?

Please disregard. Turns out it’s already installed, and just not enabled (weird)

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Documentation out of date? Never :wink: There is also two-factor admin which allows admin to supply a temporary code to bypass 2FA. Useful when users change their phone and use a 2FA app that doesn’t keep it’s settings, in the cloud, i.e. don’t get restored to new phone.

Once they’ve got in with the temporary admin code, the process I ask them to follow is:

  1. Go into their own personal settings.
  2. Uncheck 2FA as in your screenshot.
  3. Log out and back in.
  4. Nextcloud should prompt them to set-up 2FA again

That’s assuming you’ve got the global flag on to enforce 2FA (good practise).

I do not that the latest client nags new users to backup their codes which is a good idea.

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As for the TOTP client, I recommend Aegis Authenticator: https://getaegis.app/

So many authentication clients!

I already use Bitwarden & Authy

“App” was the term I used since it’s what Nextcloud uses, so I understand the confusion

Yup! I have that enabled as well.