What's the sync direction logic of Nextcloud clients?

I tried to find this out in the documentation, but I couldn’t, and I’d like to hear an official stance before I mess things up.

  1. I set up a folder sync connection on my desktop. LocalFolder has content totally different from ServerFolder. What will happen?

  2. Same as point 1, but some of the content overlaps. What will happen?

  3. I had been having a folder sync connection, but for whatever reason I had to reset things and now I need to re-add folder sync connection. While my folder was not synced, I made some changes in LocalFolder:

  • I added some new files.

  • I deleted some.

  • Some I renamed.

  • Some I modified.

    I proceed to link the two folders again in a folder sync connection. What will happen?

  1. Same as in point 3. My goal is to sync (“push”) the changes to ServerFolder without having to upload anything that stayed the same or was only renamed. How do I go about it?

Thank you very much for your clarifications.