What's the easiest way to MASS upload existing files and folders to NextCloud?

The main reason I’ve setup a nextcloud server is to automatically upload photos etc from my phone to nextcloud. I’ve got that working at this point, but I also want to move my existing photos (500+G) to next cloud, so they’re all accessible in one place ‘on line’.

I’ve seen posts asking about SMB, and replies noting that it can cause corruption…

So what’s the easiest way to upload all these existing files?

I know I could install the client on a PC and copy all the photos to that PC, then synch, but I’d rather not duplicate them on another PC (as the existing photos / files are on my server).

Any suggestions or ideas are much appreciated!

Where are the photos presently?

And where is your server (both physically and from a network perspective) in relation to that?

There’s nothing preventing you from initially either attaching and copying in the standard OS ways (if physically close) or from copying via something like scp directly between the two devices.

Once all files are in place on the Nextcloud server you can trigger a files:scan on the Nextcloud server to recognize the presence of the moved over files/photos.

Thanks for your response.

Sorry for the limited info! The photos currently are on a VM of window 2008R2, accessed by SMB share.
NextCloud is running on StartOS in another VM on another server physically in the same room, connected by gigabit switch.
I’ve used SCP but very liimited, so I’m not sure how to move a whole directory chain.
I tried to connect using putty just now, and got an access denied. Do I need to enable ssh on the NextCloud server? Not sure where to do that, but I’ll take a look around!

Thanks again!

You should urgently improve your Linux knowledge. With little Linux knowledge, you will not be able to solve future problems with your Nextcloud and may lose everything.

scp/sftp is a basic function of Linux. However, it is of no use to you from Windows. On Windows, you can either use the command line command pscp.exe from Putty or use an application such as FileZilla or WinSCP to transfer the files from Windows to Linux.

However, you will need shell access at the latest for the command

sudo -u www-data php /path/to/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all

You should know how to do this.