What's the address loogin/psw to login to my accunt?

Hi, I would use Nextclod WEBDAV server, to store few files that my app (orgzly) need in WEBDAV protocol.
I’m quite sure I’ve an account, because I already use it on my mac osx 12.6.1 pc.
On my Finder, I have a Nextcloud folder where I find my 6 files, but I’m unable to get the addr to pass to my android phone app.
Where do can I take this addr?

Thank you


in the webinterface when in the root folder look in your sidebar files it should be shown there.

or in the documentation Accessing Nextcloud files using WebDAV — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation

But I don’t remember the URL of webinterface!!! Can you sudgest me somethings…
I should have an acccount because Ihave a mac osx entry in the finder! But cannot remember (and cannot find from the client)
Can you tell me what can I look for in the Nextcloud folder on my mac osx?
Thank you


Open the Files app in the web GUI and select settings in the lower left corner to find the WebDAV URL.

sorry…I don’t remember the URL of the web|GUI!
please…give me an URL where I can set username e psw, the I will rememer somethings…
It’s strange, because I have a folder on my Mac osx, so I think to have an account, but really don’t remember the URL!


You need to seek help from the one who runs your server. We don’t know its address or have access to it to reset your password.

Ok, but how can I know who run my server?
Anyway, I have just 6 text file, so I can change quickly my provider.
Can you suggest me one the t give a free basic account?

Thank you


it’s weird you tall about ‘my server’ yet you have no idea where it is.

how about browser history / bookmarks ?

what about email registration confirmation.

we cannot tell you where you have been or what you use as usename/password.

Free cloud providers.

icloud.com (Apple’s cloud) should come with your apple account

onedrive.com (Micro$oft cloud) should be free with a windows account.

gdrive.com (Google’s cloud) Free with a google account

Amazon AWS (I don’t know)

they all give atleast 1Gb data storage which should be sufficient for 6 txt files. there are many more available.

Any idea?

Thank you


Ok! I already have iCloud, I’ve upload org file (on a specific folder) But I’m wondering: is it WEBDAV? Can I set it in orgzly?