What's new in Nextcloud 26

Struggling to find a summary of new features and enhancements in v26 compared to v25. I’ve had a look through the blog but nothing jumped out at me. Any links?

Ahh having found this post, I suspect that unlike most other software, a major version number increase doesn’t mean that much with Nextcloud:

Major release cadence - :gift: Releases - Nextcloud community


New features in Hub 4 (NC 26)


What’s new in Hub 5 (NC 27)


Those are links back to this post?

  • Smart Picker
  • Talk to Speech
  • Image Generation
  • Chat GPT text Generation
  • Ethical AI rating system
  • Tables App - NC alternative to Sharepoint
  • Improvements in collaboration apps
  • Advanced File Versioning
  • New Upgraded Desktop Client
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Shared Mailboxes and S/MIME support
  • E2EE improvements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Developer Program
    and More
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Also full changelog:

And the release announcement:


I guess this conclusion is correct. I have been struggling to get that information without success. It seems for Nextcloud team, major upgrades are just a continued hotfixes for old ones, they just decided to give it a new major number upgrade at a point of time.

If you go to the beta and release candidates, they like to hide the new stuff a bit so there is still a bit of surprise on the official release (and you might get the impression that these are just small fixes). For the new features, the press release might be the most interesting for the important changes:

And with new major releases, they can deprecate stuff, meaning that some php version are not supported any more, some newer ones might be supported, some apps might have problems because they have not adopted yet…