What's all these OC OCP OC\DB errors in logs?

ubuntu 22
php 81
NC 24 0 4

I have tried many installs of Nextcloud, in mostly every way: script, snap, docker, AIO
and I always get a long list of these errors.

I’ve read many threads in the forum about these (and wrote some two) but they don’t seem to give solutions to those… what are they in the end? Do you know?



If you do not say what is the error you get, it is not possible for anyone to help you. What is the error?

hello friend
it’s in the title: through out the forum, you’ll find many threads mentioning OC OCP OC/DB errors
what are these:

No, these are not errors.

OC is the private namespace of Nextcloud php classes.
OCP is the public namespace of Nextcloud php classes, for things that can be used by applications.
OC\DB is the private subnamespace of database related classes.

Yeah, many threads are mentionning errors, this is usually why people come for help on the forums. Which error are you getting?

thanks, i think you answer the question here

if you’re willing to help me and my team, please have a look here:

after many installations, with snap, AIO, manual intall, script install, on ubuntu 20 and 22, trying with php 7.4 8.0 8.1, with APCu and Redis, just Redis
we always come to the same situation: impossible to work properly with .md files
: can’t open them, can’t edit them, can’t rename them
I get the advice to reinstall NC, to uninstall the app that cause a problem, but not how to have things running properly
thanks mate

I cannot reproduce this. Works fine over here.

do you know what the letters stand for?
OC open class?

I would assume that “OC” still stands for “ownCloud” because Nextcloud has initially been based on ownCloud code and has been developed further over the last 6 years.