What will be the default Note app?


Available in the “Office & text” category within Apps of your Nextcloud. You have to install the app first, imho.

Howdy, folks. New member, new user, coming from OC ‘X’ to experiment with NC and see where it takes me.

The one thing I’d really like is to find out how to duplicate the functionality of both Evernote, and something like the Neat software for archival and management of documents. Here are the features I’m looking for:

  • Cross-platform (Windows, Android, Nextcloud)
  • Document management - as mentioned, I need “Neat-like” ability to scan or use phone camera to OCR and save as PDF so I can email files and search based on key words.
  • Full web page clipping (I use this a LOT in Evernote) to archive articles of interest.
  • Browser plug-in (Firefox for Android and Windows) to support web page clipping.

I’ve seen ‘OwnNote’, but could never get it to work right on Owncloud, and don’t seem to find a way to capture web pages for archive. If I’m mistaken on that, please correct me.

Thanks in advance!

I think you won’t get this on one neat (no pun intended) package, but a combination of tools could do that.

Thanks for those ideas.

Wondering if I might not use something like ‘pocket’ for Firefox to fulfill the web clipping function. However, how to synchronize it to NC for archival and searching becomes the challenge.

Speaking of search, the one thing that’s critically important which I neglected to include is the list is the ability to search within documents for text strings. I often remember what it is that I need, but not where the hell I put it.

Sounds like I’m going to have to stick with Evernote for the time being…

Well, Wallabag is the selfhosted Open Source alternative to Pocket.

The Nextant and the OCR app for Nextcloud let you search and convert your files to text after scanning.

I think most of this is doable with a selfhosted system.

I have Acrobat Pro on my desktop, so as a worst-case scenario, I could OCR then upload. So just to confirm, if I have OCR’d PDFs in folders, I would be able to search within the documents (not just by tags) for text strings, yes?

I too am using evernotes and looking to use owncloud instead. The feature I need is voice recording, voice to text on a mobile phone doesn’t work well when using part numbers and technical terms etc… is there a voice recorder app available somehow for syncing with owncloud notes?

If you install and configure both Nextant (for searching and indexing the contents of files) and the OCR app (for OCR processing of pdfs and images), then you should be able to do both.

@happnatious1 Not directly, but if you have something like Dragon Naturallyspeaking, then you can do speech-to-text and simply paste the recorded text directly into the Notes app.

Thanks for the response I’ll check those out. But to clarify I’m looking for something that will record an audio file on my phone that I can then listen to on my desktop when I get back to the office.