What version of nextcloud am I using?

Where can I find the version of Nextcloud that I am currently using? My settings says it is 2.3.2-1, but I keep reading people are using much higher numbers.

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Hi, please note that this is the sub-forum of the passwords app for Nextcloud.

To answer your question: You can find the Nextcloud version in the administration area of your Nextcloud. To get there, open your Nextcloud Web-Interface or just click “Open Nextcloud in Browser” from the menu of the task bar icon of the synchronization app. Then navigate to settings and click on overview:


If your Nextcloud is using the latest version it should show 15.0.2. (This only works if you’re admin)

Alternatively you can go to https://scan.nextcloud.com and enter the url of your Nextcloud to see the version. Make sure to click the “trigger re-scan” button if the scan results are outdated.

From your version number i guess that you were looking in the settings of the Nextcloud Desktop app. this will only show you the version of the Desktop app, not the actual server application. The current version there should be 2.5.1.


I know this subject is misplaced, but this is the first page to come up on search engines.
Is there a way to know the version of the NC server without an admin access?

See the URL i posted in my previous response.

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My bad, read it too fast! :slight_smile:

@ loren41
You can use: