What to test for 10? And how?

So we’ll do a RC of Nextcloud 10 soon, but what should be tested? What’s the stuff we like feedback on?

Any specific tips? A link to some way to test perhaps, or a quick bullet list would be super helpful…

In general, I suppose I should ask people to test upgrading. How can you safely test that on a realistic system? A complete backup of all data is impossible in most cases (I don’t happen to have a spare 5TB storage available)… Any way to protect data and have a copy of the database so you can test at least that?

We have to answer these questions for 11 as well: how can we make testing easier?

I want to add a different angle: app compatibility testing for app devs.
I am coding my audioplayer on a certain release on the dev Pi.
Perhaps my Prod-Pi has an other version - so i am covering 2 already.

My idea would be a

  • semi-readonly version of every current release, RC, Beta being provided
  • request an account via automated way
  • enhanced priviledges to install apps (your app?)
  • access to the owncloudlog
  • a nightly restore (db & skeleton) to the clean version to cleanup the mess

Admin effort is higher at the beginning to provide several VMs/Instances and create the backup/restore procedure (which can be scripted pretty much).
Afterwards its dependent on the quality of the updater :wink:

This is only partly your original question because you want to have NC-Server tested.
But as the core is app-dependent, its part of a RC testing for both sides

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Yeah, this is very relevant, as we’d also like apps to be available on release, so - super good point.

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Seriously, if you don’t have backup, don’t do testing with production stuff. I’d spend my time looking into a backup solution, if some of these 5 TB is half-way important. Besides software errors, there can be several other issues (hard drive gets broken, or eaten by dog, destroyed by fire or water, accidental rm -Rf, ransomware, voodoo) that’ll eat all these shiny bits and bytes.

I run my server in a Virtualbox vm. Backing up is as easy as Machine menu > Take snapshot. It takes seconds and is incremental, so it doesn’t need anywhere near the full amount of space that my data folder uses (usually more like 0.5% or so of that). If something screws up, I can restore in under 30 seconds with just a couple of clicks.

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