What the best Kanban app for NextCloud?

What the best Kanban app for NextCloud ?

I think the most installed Kanban app is Deck.


As devnull is replying: Deck is very popular. However the answer is not as binary, as there is apps to integrate external kanban boards like trello, which is not an actual NC app, but is behaving as one. Deck is a full Kanban board app, highlyintegrated almost everywhere in NC.

Deck is the only Kanban app for Nextcloud.

Incorrect. There are no other Kanban apps that integrate with Nextcloud directly (to avoid any confusion).
For the sake of being extremely clear, the OP only asked for Kanban apps for Nextcloud. :heart:
People have developed external tools for migrating data from Trello to Deck, but nothing more.

I use Deck. It is good that it is integrated, but the functionality is very lacking. For example, checklists in cards, subtasks in cards, and much more.

Maybe you can read the github page nextcloud/deck and the nextclodu/deck/issues . Maybe you find an issue or you can post an issue to give the developer input to improve the app.

You are correct. I remembered wrong. No other kanban apps - even bridging with external apps and services - for Nextcloud.

Check out openproject. Says it has a Kanban interface, and it supports Nextcloud.

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@tech checklists in cards is definitely supported using markdown to write the list (with auto "next item once you start the list). Start with- [ ] item