What server address should I use for webo.hosting?

All I want to know is what “Server Address” am I meant to use for webo.hosting. I’ve tried https://webo.hosting, https://cloud.webo.hosting and not one has worked. Likewise I’ve DuckDuckGo’ed this query and no helpful results showed up. I’ve also asked for help in the #nextcloud IRC channel and no help so far.

I think, best would be to directly ask your hoster Webo not the Nextcloud community. From what I can see on their website, Webo provides different services to their customers, most likely all relying on a custom domain which you have to register for the service.

i am currently using a webo hosting free plan and the server address should be in your " Welcome to your Nextcloud by Webo.hosting account" e-mail (click on “Start using Nextcloud by Webo.hosting” button)

for me it is “https://nextcloud-fi.webo.hosting

Hi there, if you are not sure which is your server address, you can always contact our support and we will let you know which address you can use.

No offence, but we noticed this “problem” appears to happen to very rare users which are probably not paying enough attention to the registration process (and/or mails) when they are creating their account via Simple sign-up.

There are many opportunities to find out your server address:

  1. when you are creating account, you are redirected to the server address where your account is being created
  2. after you create your account, a verify mail is sent to your mail address and verification link also contains your server address
  3. after you verified your account, you receive yet another mail where you have a direct link to the server address

However, after your post, we added server address information in clear text to the mail template and hopefully no one will miss the address in the future.