What ports in network need to be open

Hi bros, spreedme work with 4g network, but wifi network in my office have problems for connect, i need what ports need to be open for solve that issue
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Spreedme as Nextcloud itself is based on port 80 & port 443 by default. I can not imagine that these ports are closed in your office network.
Maybe your issue is related to another characteristic of your office network. More details would be help to give advice.

You’re probably encountering the issue I have been having, and it’s DNS related. On one of your computers, edit the hosts file and add a line saying:

[insert_server_ip_here] [server_domain_name_here]
EG: mynextcloud.com

Then attempt connecting to your server locally. If it works and you can connect, you’re having a local DNS issue, and my solution has been to add a static DNS record for my DHCP server to hand out to clients, and additionally tell local DHCP clients to use my DNS server first before any DNS server

My NC installation is good, only i need issue with spreed and spreedme, is not connect, i have COTURN installed correctly and something happend only in office network.
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