What is the storage duration of entries in activity log?


does someone knows the storage duration of entries in the activity log?
Is it possible to a retention deadline e.g. 30 days?

Currently my log db table has a lot entries (40k) and it looks like it goes back one year.


@nickvergessen Are you aware of the duration?

You have a setting called activity_expire_days There you can set how far back it should go. What does yours say ?

occ config:system:get activity_expire_days

Will say what you have

The command does not return any value.

Set it to 180 and will check the table record count tomorrow.

Mine has 14 set on a clean 15.0.4 installatiion


Default duration is 1 year


Have cron running every 15 minutes. But it took 3d to shorten my count of records on mariadb table.

Anyway. Thanks for helping me.

Same problem here:

Do you think it only needs time?