What is the idea behind InstantUpload?

Hi, I’ve not found any documentation/issue clarifying this so…
I’m wondering about the idea behind the InstantUpload, what’s the supposed workflow?
Should the photos coming from the mobile go there and then you choose which one you want to move into the photos folder?
If this is the case, is there any guided process or is it just a matter of moving files?

I’ll probably end up doing the latter but I’m curious about the feature itself.

Hi @delian

Instant Upload is basically an automatic backup function. It automatically uploads a copy of the photos taken on your phone to your Nextcloud. Nothing more and nothing less.

What you do with the photos on your phone or the copies of them on your Nextcloud, after the upload happend, is not part of the Instant Upload function anymore. There is no actual synchronization with the phone. This means, if you delete photos on your phone after they got uploaded, they will not be deleted on your Nextcloud. If you remove photos from your Nextcloud Upload folder, the photos will still remain on the phone. But there is an option to automaticaly delete photos on the phone, after they got uploaded.

With this in mind, there is not much of workflow included in this function imho, respectively you have to create your own workflow around this function.

Hope that helps.

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Instant upload is NOT limited to photos. It will automatically upload ANY data that you point it to. It can also be configured in a way where it drops the data into an appropriate directory hierarchy such that you don’t need to deal with moving things around later.

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Thank you @bb77 and @Larry_Boyd, it is clearer now.
I will dig more into InstantUpload conf and maybe Nextcloud Workflow to find a combination that will suits my needs.

@Larry_Boyd Thanks for the clarification. I completley missed the fact, that you can add other folders besides the media folders to the instant upload. Although I have been using it for my photos for ages.

@delian If you are on Android and looking for an app that can do real sync, you might want to check out Folder Sync. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dk.tacit.android.foldersync.full There is also a free version available, called FolderSync Lite.