What is my server url?

i am new with nextcloud, somebody from ouvatoon.org has created my account
i just downloaded the nextcloud client formy mac os X
it asks me the url of my server
i tried to find out in the help document, i can not manage to find what my url is
if i type myname/nextcloud, replaceing “myname” with the name of my nextcloud account, as showed in th documentation, the client add an “https://” at the beginning, getting https://myname/nextcloud ant tells me that the host in not findable.
can you help me ?
thnak you

You should contact the people at ouvatoon, since they set it up they have the domain name for your server

thank you Stratacast, it was logical indeed
it works fine
but : i can not see what interest the nextcloud client brings to me since it doesn’t let me edit my contacts i have to use the web interface or thunderbird
i will remove this client from my harddrive

The Nextcloud desktop application? The desktop application is meant for synchronizing files only

ah, ok ; tell me, is there a list of client software that let the user work on contacts even when connexion ot internet is off ? in this list there would be for example Thunderbird ; are there other software ? is there a list of such software ?

if you want to edit/copy/move/create/delete/etc your files you could try any WEBDAV-client suitable for your OS and taste.
if you want to so the same/something similar to your contacts/calendars you would try any CALDAV-client suitable for your OS and taste…
and maybe there are softwares which include CAL and WEBdav… though again: it depends upon your OS (and taste)

thanks JimmyKater, searching “carddav clients” as you advised me i found that a mac app that i use everyday is carddav client ; i did not know.
trying to parameter it, i have got a problem :

this mac application named “contacts” does not accept my nextcloud parameters
(see picture)
i have no idea why
would you have an idea ?

i have found with the help of my ouvaton manager
tjeservor adress of the carddav is simply accessible when the contacts are displayed in nextcloud’s web itnerface, by clicking on “copy the link”, left bottom of the screen

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