What is /mnt/ncdata for?

I have Nextcloud AIO (v8.1.0) running in Docker.
My docker-compose.yml contains the next env values:

      - NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR=/mnt/cloud/nextcloud-aio/data/
      - NEXTCLOUD_MOUNT=/mnt/

I see that all my data is located at /mnt/cloud/nextcloud-aio/data/. But there is /mnt/ncdata which contains the same files with the same size. What is actually ncdata is? Is it like a backup or something? What if I don’t need double storage spending?

I guess it is a bind mount of the files in the datadir so storage space is not doubled.

I’d like to be sure that it’s not doubled. It is not a symlink, looks like a common directory

As I said, it is a bind-mount