What is memory caching being used for?

Hi Nextcloud Community,

I’ve connected a redis cache to my nextcloud instance and it is running smoothly. (Checked using MONITOR in redis-cli.) But I don’t feel any performance improvements when navigating through files in the web interface, the site itself isn’t loading faster either.

I’m using Redis for memcache.local, memcache.distributed and memcache.locking in Nextcloud 21. Redis is running on a different, more powerful server than NC.

So I’m curious what benefits I can expect from using a caching server with NC.

That’s simple, caching allows to speed-up system activities because required data is stored in memory without the need to read it from any hard disk. Especially the file locking runs much smoother if Redis is used instead of relying on the file system locking mechanism. :wink:

you may try this with 10.000 concurrent user. :wink:

Well, theres no case where that many users would use my cloud hahah.