What is involved when BYOD for NextCloud at home, also pricing...?

I can’t seem to find a clear answer about the following:

I have a system at home that should be suitable to run NextCloud @ home (Win 7). Is the setup/etc. super tricky/involved?

Also, what are the rate tier’s for a single home account? I can only find Enterprise pricing.

Single use is free if you host it yourself.

Setup isn’t too bad, there’s some good guides out there you can google.

Thank you. How easy would it be to set up file photo sharing & linking?
I also see that Win 7 isn’t supported. I can’t really switch the machine over to Linux.

You can run a virtual machine with Linux.

Some linux experience is helpful. Everybody started sometime, expect some time to learn a bit more about it, run it first just in a local network. It’s not an install once and forget, it needs constant updates.

You can also purchase Nextcloud from a provider if you don’t have a server to run it on.
Hetzner gets recommended a lot on the forum.