What is ..htaccess.swp?

I have been going to update my Nextcloud from version 28.0.4 to version 28.0.5 using the online updater. However, the online updater cancelled the update and reported:

Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:


As far as I know, this file did not exist in /public_html whe I have updated to Version 28.0.4. All the foregoing updates ran through without any hurdles.

Where now could this file came from? What function does it have? Can I delete it without any problems?

It’s a swap/state file created usually by a text editor like Vim. Perhaps you manually edited your .htaccess at some point at the editor crashed or got disconnected from prematurely? You should be able to safely delete it. But you can always just move it elsewhere to eliminate the current problem you’re experiencing.

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This is highly likely. Thanks for the tip.

I couldn’t. Obviously the WebFTP client won’t move or copy files, when the filename begins with dots. So I first renamed the file, then moved it.

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