What is causing my files to be auto-organised into folders for each year and month? + how to stop it!

Hi there

Just a quick question please to see anyone has seen this before.

I’m trying to reproduce my previous Evernote functionality with a combination of Obsidian notes, backed up to NextCloud and sync’d between my Laptop and Android device using Syncthing-fork.

What I’ve found is that all my notes have been auto-organised into folders for each year and month which I don’t want (as it breaks the links between the notes). Does anyone know if this is a super clever NextCloud or NextCloud Android functionality - or is this something that Syncthings does?

Many thanks

The only Nextcloud Android functionality that does any folder organizing is the Auto Uploader feature used for photos/media.

Nextcloud Server doesn’t do anything remotely like that.

Sounds like Syncthing since that’s what you’re using to sync…