What is a server address?

Hello, I have just started using Next cloud on my PC and it says it needs a server address I have an account with the good cloud what is it and where do I find it?

Hi @Nathan_Dent,
are talking about nextcloud desktop ?

if yes, the server address is the URL you are using to connect to your nextcloud using a web browser

So where do I find this.

@Nathan_Dent from your host, you don’t know the URL to connect to your account? don’t you have any email with information or links from your host?

No I never received that

@Nathan_Dent you have never logged in to your account?

I have signed in on the good cloud website

Have you ever been connected to your nextcloud account (storage space) host by the good cloud?

Yes I have

@Nathan_Dent copy/paste the begining of the url ( until /apps/files/…) to the desktop app

Oh okay thank you.

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