What I would like to read when I open the tag selector. A proposal

When you are in files and you select the tag selector, you have a really uninformative screen.

you have absolutely no information about your tags.

I would like to read something like this:

you are using 58 tags on 4678 objects.

The tagged objects have 2 tags on average.

The five most used tags are:

  • one (704 times)
  • two (578 times)
  • three (550 time)
  • four (489 times)
  • five (265 times)

You are tagging mainly files (3921 objects), but you tag also contacts (400 objects), and calendar items (357 objects)

The last phrase is an extension that considers the possibility of an unified tag system (! :slight_smile:)

Of course the information presented could be much more, yet I think that my proposal has two advantages:

  1. A limited amount of text that improves a lot the information provided
  2. Not too much screen space used.

A possible extension would be to provide information about the selected tag:

The tag one is used mainly for files (621 times), but also for contacts (83 times),…

the most frequent pairings are:

  • one - three (458 times)
  • one - five (134 times)
  • one - nine (96 times)

I suspect that this increases drastically complexity, also considering the possibility to display the same information when more than one tag is selected…

I would love to hear about your opinion

@jan , sorry but I could not find a way to write at @design , neither a tag for the post!

@spartachetto this goes in the realm of data visualization already :wink:
What could we improve on that screen which would be valuable for most of the people using Nextcloud? Listing the most used tags is already a good start. And in general we need to enhance the empty content view there to fit the others.

@spartachetto do you want to open an issue directly at https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues?

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Here it is:

@jan I’d love to go towards data visualization!!! :smiley:
Yet I used only basic text to start with something easy and useful

In case you are interested, I can contribute with some other ideas and some graphics.

Not strong on coding… sorry!

Just to let all the readers know…

@nickvergessen accepted the issue on Github and even added it to the overview tags issue!

So I will mark this thread as solved as HE solved it! (Thank you!)

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Even this is already on the way, just wanted to give my impression:

  • As this is inside the files app, it should work “just” as a filter to show specific files, as also favorites shares etc do. I would not agree to “mess” up the screen by default with all this information, if i.e. me just want to fast find some files with a specific tag.
  • But I agree that for faster selection the last used tags could be shown directly, why not together with the amount of files with this tag. Also individual coloring and other ideas named in github seem good.
  • About the other statistic information you named I would like to have this hidden behind some checkbox or gear button or something, as it is indeed interesting to be able so look at these values.

I do agree that the showing of “statistic” information about the selected files is an issue of usability and design, this is the reason for which @jan was involved in the discussion.

Yet, concerning the display being out of scope, I disagree.

Both in my desktop programs (e.g.: the file manager) and in my web apps (e.g.: webmail), I have some information about the showed / selected elements, like for example the number of elements, the total memory and other synthetic info. This is even more true, in my opinion, dealing with tags systems.

Again, I have good hope that Nextcloud fantastic design and usability team will be able to solve my and your needs :smile: