What Happen to 18.0.3 missing at Github


Canceled? still recommended for the installation ?

Why are you installing from github instead of the nextcloud website?

I don’t think it’s about “installing from” I think it’s about double checking that a release is genuine before installing it. I certainly do this to some extent, at least look on the Nextcloud releases page for change notes etc. before installing.

18.0.3 (and 17.0.5) are security releases, intended to resolve a vulnerability that Nextcloud typically do not disclose publicly for around two weeks after the update has been pushed. To ensure that their customers have plenty of opportunity to update before the vulnerability becomes widely known and could be used in attacks.
I assume, they have held back publishing to GitHub for the same reason, and will do so once they make the vulnerability public.

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True before i install new update even not NC I regularly check at the github for complete details of adjustment or fixes

Thank You

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