What end-user mail/calendar software are you all using?

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to NextCloud, been using it a couple of months tops, just personal use, I love it.

On Windows, I’ve been a huge fan of “em Client” as PIM client software. It plays well with NextClouds CalDav/CardDav server, my mail server, and it’s UI is very attractive. With eM Client on the desktop and DavX sync on Android, my synergy between mobile and desktop for personal information management has never been better.

Now I’m trying to make the switch to Linux, due to Win10 being the privacy nightmare that it is. I’m trying to find a good all-in-one PIM on Linux that can match eM Client but both Evolution (Gnome) and Kontact (KDE/Plasma) seem to have some drawbacks.

I’m curious what are other Linux users using as a desktop PIM client?

While I’m asking, what Linux distro is popular with NextCloud users? As I’m also trying to decide that.


Fedora 29. Mail is handled by claws-mail. Calendar is handled by InfCloud and khal(i). Sometimes NC Calendar (although NC Calendar still cannot handle most types of repeating events). I would love to have a calendar tool that is just a calendar and slim and fast like claws.
I use DAViCal and NC Caldav and sync both with vdirsyncer.
And several Android and iOS clients.