What does nextcloud mean if he wait for 1 folders

I got an Account on a Nextcloud to be able to participate for a Project (and preparing upgrading the Nextcloud from old v16 to v19 ).
Setting up the client work without Problem but what does the Message mean that tells me that Nextcloud is waiting for 1 other folder? It appears since an hour in Nextcloud-client and it didn’t download anything (I have more than one folder and files in Nextcloud) until now.

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I have this error now since 24h.
How could I get rid of this error?

I’m getting the same error at times.
Not sure why it occurs and how it goes away, but both my nextcloud servers seem very slow.

I can confirm, I have this problem too and no errors in logs.

Seems like Nextcloud falls apart if you try to add more than one folder to the same client. Both folders are “waiting” for each other and no sync happens. Does anyone know if OwnCloud also have this problem?