What does leaving a federated share actually do?

I could not find any documentation on what leaving a federated share (which was shared with me by someone else on another server) actually does.

I want to “unlink” the federation (since there’s one big file in there which cannot be synced due to the unfixed curl timeout bug in federation file sync and it’s filling up my logs), but I want to keep all files that are currently synced.

So, is that possible, and if so, would you mind adding a line in the federated share user manual so one can be sure to do what this button actually does? :wink:

With a federated share, it is similar to a normal share, the files remain at the server from the person who shares the folder. If you unshare it, you will remove all the shared files. If they are synced to your client, they will be removed from the client as well.

If you just want to keep the files, you can copy them to a location on your server and then unshare the federated share. If you want to keep in sync with the original owner, you have to check with the user, if they can move the problematic file.

Just one other idea, if you have just trouble with one specific file, you could add it to the list of ignored files of the sync client (in the settings, in the general section).

But this means that for some amount of time, this will take up twice the space of the shared folder space? It’s a really big one, so this may be a quota or even disk space issue if not using a dedup filesystem

You can copy the files via webdav or via webinterface, then it doesn’t need any space on the client. For federated shares, there is no storage used on your server. If you copy data, then, of course it will be stored on your server.

If you copy the files and unlink the federated sharing, the client will remove one and sync the other, so in the end it will occupy the same space on the client.

Thanks. Not the answer I was hoping for, but it seems to be correct :slight_smile:

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