What does "data collection on interactions" do?

Everytime there’s a new release of the mail app I’m always looking for whats new. :slight_smile:

This time I see a new feature about allowing the app “collect data about your interactions”:


I am confused as I don’t know if this is something useful to me or not.

Can someone give me some help to understand what “adaption of my preferences” mean to me the Mail.app user (I also am the NC admin).

I did look in the Github repo to see if there was some explanation but I can’t find anything.

I see this type of “data collection” more often in some areas of Nextcloud - not that I think it’s necessarily bad, e.g. the case of Suspicious login detection. In that it’s purpose is clear and beneficial to the admin (and users).

When these types of features (i.e. features who’s benefit isn’t apparent until they’ve been enabled for some time, e.g. so they can gather data to make decisions, etc) are added, would it be possible to add a link an explainer (maybe on https://docs.nextcloud.com/) or some place else?

I also wanted to say I appreciate the clarification that the data “will only be stored locally”. This is reassuring.

I do hope that the data collection will lead to the mail.app magically replying to my emails for me. That would be worth it. :slight_smile:

Hi @bernard

It automagically adds emails to the “important” section of the “Priority Inbox”. But I have no idea how good it works. Generally I’m not a fan of things like that, beacuse they usually do not work very well for me. But maybe it does for you, if you have a big amount of emails every day…

No but it could potentially lead to missing important stuff, that is not considered as important by the A.I… Especially if you getting used to only look at the “important” section. :wink:

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