What do i need to edit to add my custom header + banner (snap installation)

Hey i would like to add my own header + banner
I want to have my own banner there and have everything under that like

Nextcloud has been installed via snaps

I already have the banner and footer what files do i need to modify in order to achieve this result?

Thank you

What files do i need to edit , i want the header+footer to appear on every page!

Can someone just let me know what files do i need to edit ?

So noone can answer such a simple question to someone that had no idea about css,html .

Hi @CodeNightmare,
I’ve never tried to make this kind of modification but you should look for it in /nextcloud/core/css/

i think for the header , it is in header.scss

I guess the biggest problem here is, that all Nextcloud files in a snap instance are not editable because they are read only. So the best way would be probably to write an app that overwrites the default css and maybe javascript and adds such a banner…

maybe iframe?

An iframe doesnt solve the problem that you need to modify/add the javascript/css to achieve what you want to achieve because then you need some code to embed the iframe…

Maybe you need this : Custom CSS - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud @CodeNightmare
I never used