What collaboration tool on NC21 actually works for text and spreadsheet?


Nextcloud 21 touts - as its predecessors - the collaboration features. I wonder what is the recommended way to collaborate on text and spreadsheet documents on NC21?

Reason for me asking: we have recently moved from an older nextcloud to NC20 with OnlyOffice.
It was only after a catastrophic loss of data on otherwise very simple textfile editing that we found after some digging (!) that the often mentioned OnlyOffice in Nextcloud seems to have vital problems with collaboration, as discussed here

Now, after loosing some of our collaboration work, I wonder: is it possible to easily collaborate on text and spreadsheet documents in NC21? Or only on whiteboard?

We run a small cloud with approx 10 users on a managed nextcloud installation.

thanks, alexander

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Hi @lex , i use onlyoffice (community edition) and after reading the post you mentioned. I noticed that onlyoffice takes a little time (20-30 seconds) to save the edited version on nextcloud (when nobody modifies the document anymore) but nothing very serious for me. In your case I understand that it can bother you, you can try collabora office but this increases the server load.

No, I am not complaining about a time lag of a few seconds.

We experience several failures:

  • opening version history does not work (may be related to server problem, hosting - unclear)
  • text suddendly completely gone in OnlyOffice with all editing, though “track changes” was activated
  • Some textfiles opening in OnlyOffice editor with just a few lines of text (missing most of its content) after editing in OnlyOffice. Opening the same document, which was created and edited only in onlyoffice online version, as .docx with apple pages will in some cases show full text. this has been replicated several times now with result OnlyOffice in Nextcloud20 being not fit for use to collaborate on a text.

In short: there are several catastrophic losses of text and a utter unreliability in editing text when having more then one editor and a mixture of clients.

Judging from the links I dug out it seems that for approx one year now its a known issue that there is problems with OnlyOffice integration. Being not technical savy, I fail to judge if there is an easy solution to implement it properly or not.

However, collaboration of TEXT DOCUMENTS and SPREADSHEETS being such a base level requirement today and seeing Nextcloud touting collaboration since NC 19/NC20 as far as I remember, I wonder what solution and implementation is safe and up to Nextclouds level of quality.



I guess you’re using the version the nexcloud-team ported to php. I wouldn’t suggest this for production use. If you switch to the docker-based setup of onlyoffice everything is working fine…

Some incompatibilities between office software are existing all tools along (even microsoft isn’t 100% compatible on apple…)

According to my Hoster / managed Nextcloud provider, using onlyOffice in docker requires an only office licence which is approx 1080€

Yes, and as I said before this is an incorrect statement.
Maybe that’s just a limitation of your Hoster?

Do you have the possibilities to change the settings of the OnlyOffice app in nextcloud? If yes I may help you with an OnlyOffice server. If not you should think about changing the hoster…

Yes, I can see a lot of settings in my NC admin account. I included a german language screenshot, is that approximatel what you are refering to? I can of course change the settings to english in case you need to guide me through something in english. thanks.

Is it possible to change the “Serviceadresse der Dokumentbearbeitung” und “Geheimer Schlüssel”? Then it will work with different server for OnlyOffice. Get in touch with me for a test.

Dear Steffen, yes, should be possible, see screenshot enclosed.
(for the screenshot i changed of course name of our server)

Same here.
We have just lost a couple of hundreds of sales people hours because of OnlyOffice. No history, no versioning, all of a sudden a .docx turned into a blank file.

No text & graphic collaboration tool so far. MD supports only text, and works fine with versioning, which, in this case, is not the case. :wink:

OnlyOffice should have never been offered as a free tool for online collaboration.
Also, Collabora does not work properly on shared server installations.

The only way, so far, is to make a link to a Google doc for faster access, and work there.

You can also use Microsoft Office 365.

If millions or billions of people spend a lot of money for office products, you can improve them. If not you must perhaps live with the actual problems. Also it is not necessary to have shops and stores in the city with high costs. Parking spaces are too expensive in the cities anyway. All people can buy there products at Amazon for less money and with less stress. In the end, it is the decision of the individual.

@Piotr-Fr I don’t know how to help you … no information about your onlyoffice server … mine is a manual installation ( not nextcloud community apps), no problem found about your issue