What can I accomplish with the LLM Plugin?

I installed: GitHub - nextcloud/llm: A Nextcloud app that packages a large language model (Llama2 / GPT4All Falcon)
What exactly can I now do with it?
I setup all correctly, but I don’t know its usecase.
Does anyone know how I can access the LLM now?

Already resolved.

Would you share that with us?

I would also like to read a bit about what this LLM app does, before I install it.

of course
using the local LLM you can use the nextcloud assitant + with the app gptfreeprompt you can the command “/” to access it in talk,…
I use the gpt4all modell.
sadly the app https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/integration_openai is not working very well, cause you cannot use the local LLM for all the features there.

do you know how to configure the local llm at all , I cannot seem to get it to respond at all.


I´d like to know this as well! I have tried countless variations with LocalAI. In docker, build myself, in a VM, local on Nextcloud VM, with OpenAI integration and without, but nothuing works for me. I would really like to use the cool features like summarizing or image creation.

1.) install the nextcloudapp local large language modell
2.) choose the correct modell (e.g.: gpt4all) in the nextcloudapp settings
3.) download the modell in the nextcloud shell (i prefer gpt4all): occ llm:download-model gpt4all-falcon
4.) setup the nextcloudapp in the settings (threads,… to not overwhelm the cpu)
5,) install nextcloudapp nextcloud assistant
6.) install nextcloudapp OpenAI and LocalAI integration
7.) configure OpenAI and LocalAI integration
==> In the drop down use local where its possible

done :slight_smile:

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I have followed the steps you indicated but I receive this error message after any of the Nextcloud Assistant is used, free prompt, summarize, etc. I’m using a Nextcloud snap as well, any other suggestions?

ok, with the snap version I did not test yet.
I used standalone on ubuntu with apache.

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