What are the system requirements for Local AI and Nextcloud Assistant?

Are there clear system requirements available in documentation for those wanting to host local ai and the new nextcloud assistant?

I dont think there are clear system requirements available for local ai yet. Probably it also really depends on the model used.

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I saw the video from Nextcloud where they present the Nextcloud AI Assistant.

I would like to active it, but I don’t know where.
I use the Version 27.0.3 (Nextcloud Hub 6)

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Depends on your hardware. It is not well documented and you’ll need a beefy rig to run localai or similar. See OpenAI and LocalAI integration - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Take a look at this thread: A bit confused Hub 6 where is my local AI? - #10 by Byter

And you gonna also need to install the assistant app from the Nextcloud appstore.

Just a heads up, I couldn’t get it to work yet!