What are the limitations of the Collabora server

I’m new to this forum, not sure if it’s the right place for my request.

I’ve installed a Collabora server on a Ubuntu 22.04 VPS and connected the “Nextcloud Office” application to the Collabora server.

Are there any limitations on simultaneous usage for file editing or concurrent connections by users?
Can I use a single Collabora server for all my Nextcloud applications?

hi @ welcome to the forum :handshake:

Please use the search - lot of issues so this one as well have been discussed already.

If there are specific issues or error please describe what you tried so far and which problems you hit!

In general you better ask question about Collabora itself in the right product forum: https://forum.collaboraonline.com/ where you easily find the answer as well Docker image and number documents limit? - #2 by mmeeks - Development - Collabora Online