What are the difference between a group folder and a folder shared with a group?

Is there a complete explanation about what group folders can do that a normal folder shared with a group can’t do? I don’t really see a difference between a regular folder shared with a group and a group folder created with the group folder app.

A comprehensive list of differences (pros and cons) would be greatly appreciated. When would I prefer one over the other?

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The first thing that comes to mind - autonomy, independence…

You - as admin - can assign local admins to the Group Folder storage (e.g. project).
Unless you - as admin - add yourself to the group, you can’t see the Group Folder…


I think the most important consequence has to do with ownership and quotas.

Groupfolders do not belong to anyone and have their own quota; while ‘normal’ folders belong to their creator, and the space they occupy is deducted from its own quota.

If a user stores files in a Groupfolder, they do not decrease the storage space allocated to them, but they count against the quota of the Groupfolder.

There should also be a simplification of the technical management of rights and physical storage, insofar as all the Groupfolders reside in the same directory (__groupfolders).

I also understand that group folders can only be created at the root of the file hierarchy ?
Am I wrong or right ?

I used to create project’s directory under the main directory Projects/ (.i.e. Projects/P1 …)
If I want P1to be a group (say G_P1) folder : I can’t do that… Right ?