What about sharing a file sending the message using someones mail?


my install is in French but I’ll try to translate this to English. When I want to share a file with someone, using their email, I noticed when I insert the mail address in the dedicated field, the program offers me two choices : either “remote address” or “email address”. Not sure about what it’s meant for, I chose “email”. But what is this choice about? To what use is it intended?

The mail addresses used are probably in my contacts ; the Nextcloud I installed is the latest one, 13.0. Any hint on what I have noticed? Thanks!

You can share with someone via e-mail (he just gets a sharing link) but you can also share to someone who has his own Nextcloud setup, this feature is called federated sharing:

the address is similar to an e-mail address: username@nextcloud.example.org

Hello tflidd,

this seems more clear, indeed! Thank you. Just one more question: in the example you give me right here, it reads, ie: username@nextcloud.example.org but in the exemple in the link you provide me pointing to the documentation, the exemple comes with a “@https://”, that’s to say, " freda@https://example.com/nextcloud " : are both ways possible?

If you go on your personal page, you can see your federeated-id. In my case it is shown without https. So I suppose, that it works without https as well.