WGET and Nextcloud folder


I wish I could use the wget command with Nextcloud in this context:
wget -P $ HOME / folder \ of \ destination http://www.site.org/rep/01/file.txt

I would like my download to be done directly in the destination folder or I want to put it away.

Has anyone ever explored this feature?
Thanks :slight_smile:


J’aimerais pouvoir utiliser la commande wget avec Nextcloud dans ce contexte :
wget -P $HOME/dossier\ de\ destination http://www.site.org/rep/01/fichier.txt

J’aimerais que mon téléchargement soit directement réalisé dans le dossier de destination ou je souhaite le ranger.

Quelqu’un as t’il déja explorer cette fonctionnalité ?
Merci à vous :slight_smile:

What exactly is your problem? You should be able to download a file using wget as long as you’re providing valid credentials or you’ve created a public file link.


It’s don’t really a problem i don’t find the path to them home of my user in Nextcloud

If you open the files app you will find a settings dialog in the lower left corner. The displayed WebDAV url https://<your-nexcloud-domain>/remote.php/webdav/ usually reflects the entry point (root) of your user.

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Thanks for this idea :slight_smile:

Could it be possible to included some login information in this command line ?

Afaik, the user and password need to be provided on the wget command line, …

--http-user=USER       set http user to USER
--http-password=PASS   set http password to PASS

… but you can also give the usual http syntax a try: https://<user>:<pass>@<your-server>/...

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