WeTransfer capability

Is there a capability to share a file with someone who is not a registered next cloud user in such a way that when the file is downloaded the sharer receives an email?

You can share a file with a public link.
You can change activity-settings and use e-mail.

Not tested.

Tried that with a .pdf. Shared the link publicly. Downloaded it, got no email.

I tested it a minute ago. There is an activiy entry but no e-mail. Perhaps we must wait :wink:

mail received.

I have not received any email.

Default is every one hour. You can change it in the activity settings.
Perhaps mailing not works. Look in the logs.

Do you know if the email sending is triggered by the Cron.php script?

No. But have you change the interval for sending e-mail? Perhaps wait till full hour.

I have it set to “as it happens”

Sorry. Look in your e-mail-configuration and in your logs. Post them.

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I have tested the email configuration for sending mail and it works fine. I will now check the logs. I also need to check and see whether the sending of email is triggered by the Cron script and whether that is in fact running as it supposed to.

Also, dropit is a nice addon to share casual files…


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Nice addon. Installed. Thanks.

I think the problem is that cron is not running the cron job that executes the cron.php script. If I execute it manually, all is well. There must be something else needed to get cron to run in the docker container. crontab for user www-data shows the job and the cron daemon is running yet the job is not running.

Post configurations and logs.

Problem solved. The crontab entry required having the full path to the php binary. I’m still not sure if this was being logged anywhere. There is nothing in /var/log/cron.log.

But… what if my NextCloud instance is private and inside my LAN? Public links won’t work.

I’d love to find a NextCloud addon that would upload a file to WeTransfer or a similar file sharing public service and then I could share the public link generated by that public service.

Can this be done today?


A private nextcloud with worldwide shares is not so cool :wink:
Use dyndns and a Lets Encrypt certificate for access from outside.
Perhaps you can also use a nextcloud in the internet.

Why upload to a file sharing platform?
Nextcloud is your file sharing platform.
User can direct download the file from your nextcloud.

I understand your point @devnull :slight_smile:

You can argue that by sharing my files on a public service like wetransfer raises privacy issues and I will fully agree. But then I’d still be able to decide what files I’d be willing to share through those services.

Currently the only way to reach my private LAN is through a VPN connection with client certificates and I have no plans to change this as it brings me peace of mind. Although I know most people do as you suggest, you’ll also find many that argue that the approach I take is the safest.

Besides, I have several other services which I need to access from outside my home and which I’d have to setup in the same fashion as you suggest. One by one. The way I have it setup, once I log into my VPN, I access all my services as if I were there, in a secure way.

The way I see it, NextCloud is not my file sharing platform. It is my private self hosted file repository. Sharing with the public is something I rarely do. But sometimes I do need to do it. And, due to the reasons explained above, public users will not be able to directly download files from it.

This said, knowing that I’m surely not the only one who accesses his private network through a VPN, I still think a service like the one I suggested makes a lot of sense, even if not everyone would want to use it.