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Apols to be posting again, managed to get all other things sorted but collabora has me stumped.

I can see the online app so I am temptingly close but for some reason I am getting this error.

The error is turning up in other_vhosts?!
"office.mydomain.org:443 - - [09/Jan/2017:09:17:13 +0000] “GET /lool/https%3A%2F%2Fnextcloud.mydomain.com%2Findex.php%2Fapps%2Frichdocuments%2Fwopi%2Ffiles%2F35_ocm1mkp3d16l%3Faccess_token%3DUsQnShuhiQhSOPOtDHxwzgQoLbBihZZR%26access_token_ttl%3D0%26permission%3Dreadonly/ws HTTP/1.1” 200 764 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/55.0.2883.87 Safari/537.36"”

I am not sure why its turning up in other vhosts either so maybe that is a clue :slight_smile:

Why is the permission read only ?

@tflidd @BernhardPosselt perhaps?

I dunno been think its just a brick wall for me :frowning:

This is the third day of trying to get it going, so you can tell how keen I am on owncloud.
First day was typical noob, second day right off as I just wasn’t with it.
Today got a lovely clean install of Debian 8.6 x64, PHP 7.0.14-1, Apache 2.4.10 and NC 11.0

I have noticed when I get a quick access denied to Collabora for some reason the docker container is saying it is restarting.
You don’t get the app at all just the NC blue screen with ‘access denied’


Docker PS
Docker stop 'containerid'
Docker rm 'containerid'

Then recreate with

docker run -t -d -p -e 'domain=mynextcloud\\.mydomain\\.com' --restart always --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code

If I do that I get the app but the document seems to be inaccessible, collabora is working but can not access the document.

The subdomain has correct and working lets encrypt ssl and is set to myoffice.mydomain.com:443

I have been thoroughly reading the instructions this time and I have to admit at first I was getting the docker domain wrong at first and setting it to myoffice.mydomain.com

I have no idea but mynextcloud is on the url mynextcloud.mydomain.com/nextcloud and it did occur to be that actually I might be forwarding the wrong address to Collabora in that it would be hitting mynextcloud.mydomain which currently is the default apache index.html and that could be why no doc.

So I tried this to no avail but for me regular expressions are far from regular so is someone can say if it should be done like this or not.

docker run -t -d -p -e 'domain=mynextcloud\\.mydomain\\.com\/nextcloud' --restart always --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code

Didn’t work anyway but maybe its just format and the url is right?

Log wise I have split the logs for myoffice.mydomain and mynextcloud.mydomain and here is what I am getting

From mynextcloud.log
[Tue Jan 10 02:09:36.469511 2017] [authz_core:error] [pid 622] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /var/www/html/nextcloud/data/.ocdata
[Tue Jan 10 02:13:20.614294 2017] [autoindex:error] [pid 892] [client] AH01276: Cannot serve directory /var/www/html/nextcloud: No matching DirectoryIndex (none) found, and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive (none) found, and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive

From myoffice,log
[Tue Jan 10 01:17:57.505615 2017] [proxy_http:error] [pid 965] (103)Software caused connection abort: [client] AH01102: error reading status line from remote server
[Tue Jan 10 01:17:57.505678 2017] [proxy:error] [pid 965] [client] AH00898: Error reading from remote server returned by /hosting/discovery

Other_Vhosts access is returning this.
office.thursbygarden.org:443 - - [10/Jan/2017:02:17:04 +0000] "GET /lool/https%3A%2F%2Fportal.thursbygarden.org%2Fnextcloud%2Fapps%2Frichdocuments%2Fwopi%2Ffiles%2F13_ocbx5etmb3f7%3Faccess_token%3DZp5JfeqORyAIjxR2X3XMHwV58whXuFVS%26access_token_ttl%3D0%26permission%3Dedit/ws HTTP/1.1" 200 508 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/55.0.2883.87 Safari/537.36"

Before when docker was restarting it was syslog that made me go and look with
Jan 10 01:11:44 portal dockerd[492]: time="2017-01-10T01:11:44.423679309Z" level=error msg="containerd: notify OOM events" error="cgroup path for memory not found"
Which after recreating is now working perfect and have no idea how it seemed to get stuck.

Not really getting much to report on from the next cloud logs as from the above its never getting there.

Can anyone make any sense of this as I need to install something and would like it to be Next cloud but might have to be SuiteCRM or CiviCRM, but to be honest for function in a small community center I do think next cloud would be the perfect fit, if I could get it working.