Prefered Distro

Just wondered if the NextCloud team have a leaning or preference to a particular Distro and release?

Thinking I might start from scratch again, CentOS & Ubuntu are my main two, but not bothered really.

Its all experience :slight_smile: I just landed with Ubuntu 16.04 as its the latest LTS (Debian style) but maybe I should of gone CentOS 7.3

Whats the dev team prefer?

I run all my Nextcloud installations on Ubuntu server, local development is debian.

You should get a 64-bit system (upload limits of 32-bit php) and for good performance version 7.0 makes a real difference. Which distribution you use, is up to you.

I never used CentOS, they don’t use the newest software but you probably can install more recent php versions. Ubuntu comes out of the box with php 7.0, what is really nice and many users are on it (many howtos and feedback). LTS support over five years is nice but does not apply for all packages (ubuntu-support-status), I had some bad experience with LTS-to-LTS upgrade. Debian is similar to ubuntu (or the other way round), I prefer the package support and have better experience with upgrades.
If you want to use more recent packages, you should take a look at archlinux. FreeBSD is also known to be very stable.

If you already have experience in the CentOS/redhat world, Fedora could be worth looking at, they have a focus on “innovation”:

So in the end it comes down to what you prefer.

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Yeah CentOS is very conservative and also RHel based and actually I am a debian fan and it will be really interesting if Raspberian goes 64.

I hit a few problems on 16.04 64 LTS but generally was extremely impressed with NextCloud, got a weird one where APCu is working on apache but looking at the logs the cron CLI is complaining its not.

I just thought I would shift distro’s as my learning curve with NextCloud diminishes. Actually I am not all that much a fan of CentOS but it is strongly supported because of RHel.

I don’t knwo what to do now, really like Archlinux as really appreciate the brilliant work they do and documentation, I will be screaming at pacman for a while, but in the past after an initial hurdle really liked it.
Bit worried as NextCloud does bring quite a few elements together and thinking I will hit problem somewhere.

I think I might go Debian as if Raspberian does go 64 like SLES then that could be quite interesting.

Yeah Debian it will be, almost went Arch but then again they have really good Arm support and already on 64… Lols, which one, in fact going to Go Arch changed my mind at the last.

The more I play the more I get to grips with NextCloud.

This should be, because APCu is by default not enabled for CLI ;). Go “/etc/php/7.0/apache2/conf.d/20-apcu.ini” (or similar one for whatever PHP version you have) and add “apc.enabled_cli=1”.

apc.enabled=1” on the other hand is set by default:

According to the php manual it is actually not recommended to enable APCu for CLI, I don’t know, might be some interesting discussion how about Nextcloud. But that’s another topic :slight_smile: .

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Ahh I damn I did apc.enable=1 and not apc.enabled_cli=1 doh! as now its infront its obvious.
I was more bemused as it was working for apache and they share the mods enabled how come its not working for CLI.

I am glad you mentioned that as its missing from the install instructions and you do get errors on cron if not.
Has anyone had a discussion as there must be a reason why they have it disabled for the CLI.

When the errors occur in cron are the cron scripts just complaining or will the error effect function?
As to be honest I haven’t a clue which way.

…I will force it and maybe find out why its disabled :slight_smile:

As far as I know the log entries are not listed as “error” but as “info”, do I remember right?

The function of cron is definitely not affected, I ran a long time without that enabled and all cron actions went well. Also without every APCu or any other memcache Nextcloud works, just slower :stuck_out_tongue: . But anyway it’s a good idea to discuss cli caching for nextcloud/cron and add the results to the admin manual that could be also linked to from the error log or something.

Pff me memory is extremely short term…

Just being playing with docker and running up a new instance of NextCloud I will tack on exact details later tonight.

To be honest the old dual core its going to reside on, prob will not make that much difference, so I will give it a play and see.

Cheers and thanks for the heads up.

You should look into it as well.

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Yeah I will do its been a couple of years since I last looked at nethserver.


I have no problem with 9 or 10 or didn’t last night they only thing I am having problems with is Collabora and a strange error where the app works but can not seem to access the document.

If the logs make any sense, I really like 11 but the error that I can not work out what I am doing wrong is a bit of a show stopper.
I just need something for tomorrow and from memory I liked Neth but had invested a lot of time in Zentyal which really didn’t pan out in the end.
Yeah thinking about it from memory but Neth has a split DNS (Seem to remember networking side was really strong) that and Nextcloud so maybe.