Webserver returning blank pages & http/s

First time using Nextcloud, and am having some issues with the webserver returning blank pages, mainly the login. Along with some buttons/options like the user and “more” dots not working.
As I said, it’s my first time working with Nextcloud, and not sure where any logs would be stored or other important info to provide, but am happy to get anything that could help me.
What I can say:
Raspberry Pi 4 w/ Ubuntu 20.04.3
Latest Nextcloud zip standard install
Using Cloudflared Argo tunnel

Quick update:
I found that I can access nextcloud perfect via the server’s internal IP. So it works with but not https://nextcloud.domain.com/nextcloud. I assume it’s to due with the argo tunnel, but not sure where to start with it. It load the Nextcloud background, logo, but no login form. Maybe something needs to be changed on the Cloudflare side?

heyho @Azurn and welcome to the userforums of NC.

the most easy way to install NC to your PI would be: using offical Nextcloudpi-image (ncp) - you’re gonna find it under www.nextcloudpi.com

Thanks for pointing that out, Never saw there was a raspberry pi version! I’m not a code expert or anything, but I’d say its susceptible to the same issue as the main builds if it is identical. Either way, I’ll check it out later today when I get the chance and report back, thanks!

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