Webo.hosting VPS confusion

I signed up with Webo.hosting from Simple sign-up for hosted Nextcloud – Nextcloud because the description said it was a VPS. I paid $200 for it, and then they told me it’s not a VPS afterall and I can’t have access to manage my installation. I think the description on the signup page should be updated to not say that Webo.hosting offers a VPS. Users should be careful when signing up to ensure that they choose the right option.

I’m also looking for recommendations for other VPS providers.

What is needed? A managed VPS to install Nextcloud yourself?

It says …or as a VPS :wink: I have no experience with Webo, but when I look at their website they seem to have VPS offers…

There is a VPS offers with a preinstalled Nextcloud instance and full root access…

…or you could get a Linux VPS, where you can install Nextcloud by yourself:

You’re right. They do offer a VPS. Somehow when signing up, I got the wrong option. I meant to sign up for “Nextcloud VPS” and I got “Nextcloud Admin” instead, which is not a VPS. The signup flow could probably be improved on their end, but this might have been my mistake.

I guess the conclusion is if you’re signing up for Webo, be sure to select the right option carefully.