WebDAV won't connect to Windows File Explorer

So I recently installed NextCloud within my proxmox server & Been using the mobile clients but wishing to setup a network drive to the folders for local use. But when I go to connect following the instructions it pops up with these certs & no matter what I choose & using my Username & password it just refuses.


The windows native client is a bit tricky, and certain feature support depend on the version:
(from General troubleshooting — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation)

Just to check for the setup, I’d try winSCP or some other client supporting webdav, if that works with your Nextcloud setup. And if it does not work, the logfiles could hint to the underlying issues.

I see you’re using HTTPS but connecting via IP address. Are you using a self signed cert?

Maybe this is of any help: Connect to WebDAV Server from Windows

This might be more interesting: