WebDAV & Windows 7

hello to all,

we have several computers in the network with windows 7 on it. on these computers there is no connection to nextcloud.
All other computers with windows 10 have no problems.
I looked in the forum and tried everything I found on the subject:

  • regedit fix (HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameter\UseBasicAuth and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameter\BasicAuthLevel).
  • SSL (net use Z: [firma.de](http://firma.de/)@ssl\nextcloud\remote.php\dav /user:youruser yourpassword)
    everything does not help. please help quickly!
    the connection to the nextcloud is made with “net use”:
    “net use l: https://firma.de/remote.php/dav/files/buchhaltung /user:username password” and as I said, works great with win 10.

thx a lot!

as it looks, there is either no interest in the topic here in the forum from nextcloud-profis or there are no nexkcloud-profis here.
from nextcloud-support i also got a standard answer instead of anything substantive: “unfortunately, without looking at the error in detail, we can’t make a statement on this”.
very sad, totally unprofessional!

Windows 7 ran out of support, you shouldn’t use this on computers with internet connection (even local network).

or nobody using Windows 7 anymore.

There is a bit more information about Windows and the webdav implementation: Windows - sabre/dav

You can check your logfile on the server side, what exactly windows is requesting and how the server is responding, perhaps there are some resources it asks for.

Many of the people wanting to use webdav without the Nextcloud client used mountainduck, net drive, … to mount webdav as a virtual drive (unfortunately not free). Nextcloud itself does not (yet) have this feature in the client, but there are test versions and perhaps in one of the next versions.

thanks for your answer! we check the log data on the server side in any case.
but as far as windows 7 itself is concerned - there is an ideal idea of what the world should be like and there is reality. and in reality there are currently almost 20% computers in the world that are filled with windows 7 - almost every fifth computer
and the two other cloud solutions that we used earlier had their own weaknesses, but full support for windows 7

You know that this is a community forum, where volunteers try to help other users as good as they can. I hope it is also clear to you that Nextcloud GmbH makes its product available to the world free of charge, but there is no obligation to them to offer you or anybody else “professional” support for free.

Beside from that, WebDAV has in my expirience never worked really well on Windows without additional tools. Even with SharePoint, it only works so-so.

And how long do you think, this other cloud solutions will support Windows 7 in the future. There will be less and less software that runs on Windows 7 in the future. You should look out for solutions to upgrade or migrate this machines as soon as possible, instead of blaming Nextcloud or community members for not supporting an OS that is EOL for more than a year now.

Sorry if my post has become a bit of a rant, but you should probably avoid statements like: “You are unprofessional.” or “other products are better”, if you want people get to help you… :wink:


that was exactly the point, why i wrote my post about professionalism! nobody wanted to help me. no answer in the forum and nothing significant from nextcloud support (not even “we don’t support windows 7, don’t look any further for the solution”). i’ve only received an answer since i wrote the post.

because of windows 7 and the reality i have already written above. it is clear that all have to get away from windows 7. in reality it takes time and that is normal, at least usual.

sorry if i offended someone. i hope i have explained everything with this post

I think the reason for that is, as tflidd already stated, that probably nobody here uses Windows 7 anymore and therefore nobody has that specific issue or any ideas how to solve it.

Of course I can understand, that it is not always possible to just upgrade or migrate an existing system. But you will definitly hear answers like “we can’t make a statement on this” more often if you ask for support regarding software running on Windows 7. And at some point one could argue that it is unprofessional to even offer solutions for an unsopprted OS. :wink: Of course I cannot speak on behalf of the Nextcloud GmbH and their support team, and I will not judge whether their specific answer to you was “professional” or not.

No worries. I’m not offended, I just wanted to point it out.

Cheers! :slight_smile: