Webdav SMB Drive Subfolder permission error

Nextcloud version (20.0.4):
Operating system and version (Ubuntu 20.04):
Apache 2.4.25
PHP version (7.3):

The issue you are facing:
User A Doesn’t have access to Sub folder 2 but has access to Sub folder 1.
Every time user selects Main Folder, there is an error (This directory is unavailable, please check the logs or contact the administrator). On the back end It looks like user selected Sub folder 2 and therefore didn’t got access to any folders on a Main folder.

Outcome, page reloads.

Main Folder
Sub Folder 1
Sub Folder 2 (No access)

In past I remember even if user didn’t have access to Sub Folder 2, they were able to access Main Folder and select Sub Folder 1. Not anymore?

Did anything change? Icewind\SMB\Exception\ForbiddenException: Invalid request for /Main Folder/Sub Folder 2 (ForbiddenException).

Hope to hear from you soon.


Looks like I just needed to select “Verify ACL access when listing files” All good now.


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