WebDav returning unauthorized after putting in proper credententials, no errors logged

Several days after updating to NC23, I started receiving 401 unauthorized error for any attempts to access webdav even after inputting proper credentials. Was working yesterday, but no longer today. Server PHP logs, and Nextcloud logs are not showing any errors. No login failed messages, I can log in an out of web interface using same username and password without problems.
Has anyone else seen anything similar to this? Without any errors getting logged, I am at a loss as to where to start trouble shooting.

I have also noticed since then, that I can’t login with mobile app as well, was configured with app password. Tried creating new app password, to no avail, just keeps repeating unauthorized password required. The other downside is this problem didn’t occur immediately, and backups prior to the 23 upgrade are now offsite. Planning to retrieve them tomorrow I have been searching everything I can think of in search of something to troubleshoot. But still haven’t been able to find an error to point me at the cause.

In case anyone else runs into this same issue, I finally found the issue. After restoring backup from the previous version 22, and still having the same problems it led me to it can’t be in Nextcloud. It turned out to be a missing file in the include folder of my Apache configuration. The only thing missing from my default virtual host configuration that Nextcloud needed was the allow override so the .htaccess files within the Nextcloud install were no longer taking effect.