Webdav performance

When uploading large files (like a single 33gb file) via webdav, doesn’t matter if webgui or alternative clients, it stops at the end and never completes the upload, but when I reload the page the file is there. Also even if in the local network, the speed is around 100 or 200mbps, when I have 1gbps local network (and internet, for what matters).
How can I speed up the performance of webdav?
I’m running nextcloud on a docker container in unraid, with mariadb and let’s encrypt for remote access, and when transferring files directly from my desktop to unraid I get the whole gigabit speed.

check the maximum upload filesize for php and for your webserver

I’ll be glad to do that, but where is this php setting contained?

depends on your distro, in php.ini or something like that grep -r upload /etc/php* might shed some light

What do you get on SFTP? You won’t achieve this number but it’s a good reference point and if you get just 50% of the performance or perhaps 80%.