WebDAV Performance Issues

Yesterday, i have tried the first time the Files App and WebDAV. After this i have seen, that Using NextCloud via WebGUI is OK for the Speed on a Raspberry Pi 2. Next step was it, to Upload a File via WebDAV. Filesize was near 300Kb. Via WebGUI it took only some Seconds to complete the Action. But via WebDAV it took more than 3 Minutes to complete. There are no errors in the Weserver, PHP or NextCloud Logfile. The File was transferred correctly. As WebDAV URL i used the one from WebGUI Settings in the left Panel > https://cloud.myserver.com/remote.php/webdav/

Today, i have found that it also works via the URL https://cloud.myserver.com/remote.php/dav/files// but this time its a lot faster. I needed for the same file only 30 Seconds.

So i ask, what is the correct URL for WebDAV? Is there somewhere a Rewrite? I haven’t found nothing what rewrites https://cloud.myserver.com/remote.php/dav/files// to https://cloud.myserver.com/remote.php/webdav/ in my Nginx Configuration.

I can confirm the same behavior with my installation. I had yesterday significant performance issue with webdav after upgrade to NC11. Carddav and caldav worked just fine. I even could not connect with the Android Nextcloud app to my server. The server connection was too slow and the android app dropped the attempt. Today it is way faster and works as expected.

I’m experiencing very slow speeds with WebDAV that seemed to start after I upgraded to NC11 recently. Has anyone heard of a solution to this?