Webdav only works for linux clients?

Hi guys, for some reason my installation is not working for Windows 10. I reported it as a bug here but was advised to rather write here, I assume because it works for others. Can anyone suggest how I debug this.

I would recommend you post all required details here. I feel rude to force people trying to help you searching through other sites.

I quickly check I can map WebDAV from NC24.0.6 from Windows 10. I had to adopt the registry key as described in the docs to make it work


Windows WebDAV support has always been a little funny… but there is no particular compatibility problem with Nextcloud.

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Thanks wwe, duly noted.

I eventually worked out that the webdav attempts were blocked by a Flow block I had created for this purpose long ago, ie. agent = "/^Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/.+/i So whitelisting the IP I wanted to allow fixed the issue.

Thank you everyone!