Webdav file copy failed at 99%


I Just installed nextcloud using NGINX reverse proxy. Everything works fine except my WebDAV share.

When I setup my WebDav share inside of Windows 10 and copy a file under 500 MB file size it is working. But when I lets say copy a movie file of 1,6 GB, the file is copying till 99 percent than suddenly stops copy and windows give an error message “there is a problem detected accessing of the webdave share”.

So I did some research and some forums were telling that you have to change the file size in the registry
ng and than change the FileSizeLimitinBytes to decimal “4294967295”.

So I tried that and than reboot my pc or restart the webclient service. But that did not solve the issue.

I also tried chaning the upload size in my php.ini file of NExtCloud but that did also not the trick.

When I upload a 1.6 Gb file using Chrome it works great. So, it looks like the problems occur when I use Webdav protocol.

Iám out of options to try so If somebody has a solution please let me known.


Did you ever find a solution to this?