WebDav Error 500 No subsystem set to valid HTTP status code


I have a problem with the WebDav connection several problems:

If I create the network location: “https: //c**.s****e.com: 666 / nextcloud / remote.php / webdav /”, it works but can not upload files, File of 0 KB this create with an error message: “Target: A device attached to the system does not work properly”

ERROR NEXTCLOUD: Saber \ DAV \ Exception: HTTP / 1.1 500 No subsystem set to valid HTTP status code. Something must have interrupted the request without having further detail.

On the other hand if I create a second network location: https: //c**.s****e.com: 666 / remote.php / dav / files / Administrator, it works in upload, with an error message Nextcloud:

Saber \ DAV \ Exception \ NotImplemented: HTTP / 1.1 501 There was no plugin in the system that was willing to handle this LOCK method.

But impossible to reconnect to this one if I delete my first network location …

Please HELP ME

sorry, this is not the solution.
just want to let you know that you are not alone with this.
there are some posts here reporting something similar or the same.
and i found a bugreport/issue which seems to adress this: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/2887 at least i hope so :slight_smile:

Even if you did not have the solution thanks to you for your quick reply, Much worry with Nextcloud 11.0.1 …

please help me …

Check the issue on GitHub, I’ve published 2 patches addressing this issue. Use the newest one.